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Welcome to Your Pharmacy CareXchange MarketPlace Provider

Fast Pass Registration Site

This site allows you to Register your Pharmacy to Join the CareXchange Marketplace Provider Network.

There are 3 Steps and you are on your way to becoming a CareXchange Marketplace Pharmacy and Provider.

Step 1: Register

Step 1: Register

Complete Your Pharmacy and Pharmacist in Charge Profile and Credentials

Step 2: Sign Agreement

Step 2: Sign Agreement

Complete Your New Pharmacy Participation & Onboarding Zoom Meet-up Session and Participating CareXchange Marketplace Provider Agreement with our Market Advisory Team

Step 3: Setup and Launch

Step 3: Setup and Launch

Within 48 hours of Registering you will receive your Pharmacy Portal login Credentials and Instructions for using the site subject to completing the Pharmacy CareXchange Marketplace Participation Agreement.


Register My Pharmacy

ATTENTION: Pharmacy Participation Requirement for COVID-19 Rapid Testing: CLIA WAIVER

During Registration, Specific information is collected to ensure the pharmacy is operating in compliance with State and Federal regulations for Point of Care Testing (POCT). The Pharmacy is required to have a current and active CLIA Waiver Certificate to participate in this program.

This site is secure and meets HIPAA Data Storage and Transmission Requirements.