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This site does not sell Covid-19 Test Kits for Personal or Home Use

Covid-19 Test Kits are provided by a Licensed CLIA Authorized Pharmacy Only during your onsite appointment at the local pharmacy. Click here to learn more about your Onsite-Covid-19 Rapid Testing Drive-up Experience.

There are 3 Steps to Select, Schedule and Purchase your Covid-19 Rapid Test Appointment.

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Step 1: Select Location

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Step 2: Book & Schedule Appointment

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Step 3: Purchase Appointment

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      ATTENTION: All Pharmacies Participating on the CareXchange Marketplace are CLIA Waiver Approved and Verified Providers Authorized to provide onsite COVID-19 Rapid Point of Care Testing. This site serves as a digital marketplace for community pharmacy patients to Book, Schedule and Purchase Covid-19 Rapid Test Appointments. This Site does not sell or distribute Covid-19 Test for Personal or Home Use.

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